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IS4SI 2021

Workshop Habits & Rituals H&R

Contributing Conference Program





13:00-13:30 UTC

Thu 16th Sep

Habits and Rituals Affordances and Pregnances. A Semio-physical Perspective

Lorenzo Magnani

University of Pavia

13:30-14:00 UTC

Thu 16th Sep

A Neurocomputational Model of Relative Value Processing: Habit Modulation through Differential Outcome

Robert Lowe

University of Gothenburg

14:00-14:30 UTC

Thu 16th Sep

Capability and Habit

Matthias Kramm

Wageningen University and Research

14:30-15:00 UTC

Thu 16th Sep

Collective Intentionality and the Transformation of Meaning during the Contemporary Rituals of Birth

Anna Hennessey

University of California Berkeley

15:00-15:30 UTC

Thu 16th Sep

Habitual Behavior: From I-intentionality to We-intentionality

Raffaela Giovagnoli

Pontifical Lateran University

15:30-16:00 UTC

Thu 16th Sep

Discussion / Coffee Break


After Prime time

16:00-16:30 UTC

Thu 16th Sep

Is the Weissean Surrogate the Latest Philosophical “Development” of the Confucian Ritual?

Marina Christodoulou

Alpen Adra Universitat Klagenfurt & Université de Toulouse Jean Jeaures

16:30-17:00 UTC

Thu 16th Sep

The Fifth Season. Fest of Carnival in Baden-Wurttemberg

Irena Mostowicz(1), David Braunstein(2)

1. GSIS Vienna, 2. University of Hagen

17:00-17:30 UTC

Thu 16th Sep


17:30-18:00 UTC

Thu 16th Sep

Video: Algorithms as Rituals and Rituals as Algorithms

Mark Burgin


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